Technical excellence …

You cannot be trapped in the lift because of power failure.
The solar lift operation is based on the batteries availability. This means that the necessary energy for the drive is stored in the batteries and there is no possibility for a power failure during drive. Therefore, there is no possibility of being trapped in the lift due to loss of power.

Machine room is not required.
All components of the lift are located in the shaft. The photovoltaic assembly requires a space for the batteries and control panel, usually located in the lower or upper end of the shaft. However, it is better if sensitive electrical and electronic components are placed somewhere with constant temperature and moisture free.

It requires a low pit (200mm).
The sufficient pit for solar home lift is 200mm. If it is not possible to create pit by digging, then we can have the same effect by creating a step.

It has a longer life.
The electric current generated by the standalone photovoltaic assembly is of excellent quality and constant voltage. This feature allows for a longer life of all electrical and electronic components, eliminating all defects in them. The perfect quality of the produced power is the reason for reduced maintenance costs since no damages are caused because of mains power instability.

No need to install electrical three-phase power.
For the installation of an elevator in a building, a three-phase grid connection is an important and usually mandatory cost. This cost does not exist in the solar lift, which makes it even more competitive compared to standard lifts.

Advanced automation.
The solar lift is the first lift in the world that makes management of the energy required for its operation. Specially developed software, manages the energy produced and consumed, offering flexibility and an incomparable advantage.
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