New buildings with " green " features .
New buildings are built under strict environmental rules. These rules now include energy efficiency of the machines used in them. Solar lift was created before these rules are adopted. However the standards that solar lift is complying are much higher that the new requirements, proving that solar lift is a machine coming from the future. 

Modern houses now have at least two levels of service because of the cost of land, resulting in a vertical movement within the home. This move served in many cases by a stairs, which creates health problems in the waist and legs of the occupants. The solar lift can not only solve these problems, but also provide the quality and daily functioning in home.

Bioclimatic buildings .
The bioclimatic buildings are a special category of housing with high standards of energy efficiency. It is a huge step forward for a bioclimatic house to use a machine like the lift without sacrificing its energy requirements. The solar lift is the only lift product that can respond well to high energy requirements of such buildings.

Hotels are businesses that have highlighted the value of the solar water heater worldwide. We believe these will be to accentuate and raise the value of the solar lift. Their lifting needs, especially during summer months, are the best scope for a product like solar lift. Hotels are companies that can use the funding programs of the European Union to acquire a product like solar elevator.

Business .
Many companies try to reduce the operating costs of facilities and offices. They can use the funding programs of the European Union to acquire a product like solar lift.

Old building .
The old buildings in urban centers have old mechanical lifts that need refurbishment or even replacement. The technology of solar lift can be applied to them and make them more affordable to operate. All these old elevators can be upgraded to solar lifts offering all the advantages described.

Footbridges lifts.
There are areas, such as footbridges, which are hard to provide three-phase main power. In these cases the solar lift is the perfect solution to a headache caused by such lifting applications.

Areas with unreliable or no grid.
One of the major advantages of solar lift is that as energy autonomous machine, can meet the needs of the population where the grid cannot reach or it is unreliable. Such areas are the islands where the electric grid causes problems or shortages are often.
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